Visit Glass Eye Institute

A Special Occasion

Visit glass eye prosthesis production on site

Christoph Weidner and Uwe Greiner-Wirt, Ocularists and owners of the “Institut für künstliche Augen” Werner Heumann will open their workshop and demonstrate the productions of artificial glass eyes.

The tradition of producing glass eyes originates from the region of Thuringia, where the knowledge about the production of special glass enabled manufacturers to produce glass prosthesis of the highest quality since the early 19th century. This tradition has been kept through generations and while acrylic and industrial production has replaced glass in most countries, the knowledge and the craftsmanship is preserved here.

On Friday, September 13, 2019 we are glad to offer the opportunity to visit the workshop in small groups.

Groups of maximal ten participants will be led to the nearby institute.

If you are interested, please sign in at the registration desk and meet at the allotted time.

Visiting times

Group 1 09:30 – 10:30
Group 211:00 – 12:00
Group 314:00 – 15:00
Group 416:00 – 17:00