39th ESOPRS Meeting 2021 online

39th ESOPRS annual meeting online Sept 17-18, 2021

Video recording of meeting available to ESOPRS members here

Organizing committee:
Eva Dafgård Kopp, Chair
George Charonis
Miguel Gonzalez-Candial
Naresh Joshi
Ulrich Schaudig

E-poster committee:
Dyonne Hartong
Christina Miller
Santiago Ortiz-Perez
Marie Louise Roed Rasmussen

Executive Council:
Francesco Quaranta-Leoni, President
Dion Paridaens, Secretary
David Verity, Treasurer

Friday Sept 17: E-poster sessions 16.00-17.30 CEST
Friday Sept 17: Evening session 18.00-21.00 CEST
Saturday Sept 18: Morning session 09.30-12.30 CEST

  • Invited speakers from worldwide.
  • Free meeting without registration fees
  • “Surgical technique” videos can be viewed online and voted on. View videos here.
  • ePosters can be viewed online and voted on.  View ePosters here.
  • Parallel live online E-poster sessions will be held of selected posters before the main meeting on Friday the 17th September at 16.00-17.30 CEST.
  • Presentation of the winner of Junior Award by the President (more information on Junior award here)
  • Sponsors: Thea and FCI

For further information please contact Eva Dafgård Kopp, meeting@esoprs.eu


39th ESOPRS online meeting 17-18 September 2021

View 2021 ePosters
View 2021 Surgical technique videos

17 September 16.00-17.30 CEST

Live parallel E-poster zoom sessions
View schedule list and access details

Moderators: Dyonne Hartong (Netherlands), Christina Miller (Germany), Santiago Ortiz-Perez (Spain), Peerooz Saeed (Netherlands), Diego Strianese (Italy) and Marie Louise Roed Rasmussen (Denmark)

17 September 18.00-21.00 CEST

18.00-18.10  Welcome

Francesco Quaranta Leoni, President of ESOPRS and Eva Dafgård Kopp, Chair of organizing committee

18.10-19.10  What’s new in orbital inflammatory diseases?

Moderators: Eva Dafgård Kopp, Sweden, Dion Paridaens, Netherlands and Diego Strianese, Italy

18.10-18.35  Has the New Era of Biologics for TED Arrived? Diego Strianese, Italy
18.35-18.45  Discussion

18.45-19.05  IgG4 related disease: Chicken or egg?, Geoff Rose, UK
19.05-19.10  Discussion

19.11-19.41  Corneal neurotization: an oculoplastic challenge. 

Moderators:  Miguel Gonzalez-Candial, Spain and Ulrich Schaudig, Germany

19.11-19.23  Introduction and basic considerations, Raman Malhotra, UK
19.23-19.35  State of the art / mastering the technique, Ilya Leyngold, USA
19.35-19.41  Discussion

19.52-21.00  Aesthetics: Oculo-Plastics approaches to the peri-orbita

Moderators: George Charonis, Greece and Naresh Joshi, UK

Brow rejuvenation:

19.52-20.04  Gliding lift, Fausto Viterbo, Brasil
20.04-20.16  Deep plane lift, Francesco Bernardini, Italy
20.16-20.22  Discussion

Middle third rejuvenation:

20.22-20.34  Nano fat grafting,  Steven Cohen, USA
20.34-20.46  Fat transposition surgery , Guy Massry, USA
20.46-21.00  Discussion


18 September 9.30-12.30 CEST

09.30-09.35  Good morning

 09.35-10.05  Functional reconstruction: Protection and motility

Moderators: Miguel Gonzalez-Candial, Spain and Ulrich Schaudig, Germany

09.35-09.47  Perfusion monitoring enables free bilamellar eyelid grafts for the repair of eyelid defects, Malin Malmsjö, Sweden
09.47-09.50  Discussion

09.50-10.02  Fornix reconstruction: Mucosa, Amniotic membrane and more, Gerd Geerling, Germany
10.02-10.05  Discussion

10.06-11.06  New trends in oncology

Moderators: Eva Dafgård Kopp, Sweden and David Verity, UK

10.06-10.21  Update on adnexal and orbital lymphoma, Sarah Coupland, UK
10.21-10.26  Discussion

10.26-10.41  Lacrimal outflow tumours, Simon Gane, UK
10.41-10.46  Discussion

10.46-11.01  Travel advice to the orbit via the conjunctiva, Ilse Mombaerts, Belgium
11.01-11.06  Discussion

11.16-11.36  Ocular associated covid Complications, Ritu Arora, India

Moderators:  Eva Dafgård Kopp, Sweden and Francesco Quaranta Leoni, Italy
11.36-11.41  Discussion

11.42-12.12  Lacrimal surgery

Moderators: Elin Bohman, Sweden and Francesco Quaranta Leoni, Italy

11.42-11.54  Redefining and renaming of the Horners’ muscle, Mohammad Javed Ali, India
11.54-11.57   Discussion

11.57-12.09  Management of postoperative tearing, Jane Olver, UK
12.09-12.12  Discussion

12.12-12.17  Junior award presentation

Francesco Quaranta Leoni, President of ESOPRS

12.17-12.30  Closing

Francesco Quaranta Leoni, President of ESOPRS and Eva Dafgård Kopp, Chair of organizing committee.