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Turf war for eyelid tumours? Plastic Surgery vs Ophthalmology services in a single trust

Author: Victoria Barnett
ePoster Number: 213


To compare the pathway for treatment of eyelid tumours Plastic and Oculoplastic surgery


Retrospective review of electronic records of all patients with eyelid malignancy treatment in a single NHS trust from 2015 to 2019.


139 patients had eyelid cancer excisions 102 patients were eligible for full inclusion. Plastic Pathway: 40 (39%) patients were treated by Plastics. 68% (27) were referred by GP, of which 74% (20) were via a 2WW pathway to dermatology then Plastic surgery for management. 55% (22) under Plastics received first definitive treatment (FDT) within 62 days of referral. 58% (23) underwent wide local excision (WLE), 20% (8) had margin control excision, 20% (8) had other non-margin controlled excision, and 3% (1) declined treatment.Oculoplastic Pathway: 58 (57%) patients were treated by Oculoplastics. 57% (13) of those referred directly to Oculoplastics received FDT within 62 days of referral. 41 (71%) underwent margin-controlled excision, 95% of whom had Mohs at a different trust and were referred to Oculoplastics for reconstruction following decision to treat by Dermatology. 10% (6) underwent WLE, 6% (4) had other non-margin controlled excision, 5% (3) were unknown, and 2% (1) declined treatment.


The two services for eyelid malignancies have similar referral to biopsy time. Plastic Surgery appear to have a preference for WLE and Oculoplastics controlled margin excision usually Mohs. Raising awareness in the community level locally and nationally should be recommended as a priority to promote our specialty’s expertise in periocular pathology management

Additional Authors

First nameLast nameBase Hospital / Institution
EllaKimWestern eye hospital, Imperial College Healthcare, London, UK
JustinWeirSt Marys Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare, London, UK
RajniJainWestern Eye Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare, London, UK
VickieLeeWestern Eye Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare, London, UK
AhmadAzizWestern Eye Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare, London, UK

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