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Short and Long Term Patient Satisfaction and Complications in 650 Endoscopic Forehead Lift Procedures

Author: Mohsen Kashkouli
ePoster Number: 123


The aims are to compare short- vs. long-term patient satisfaction and report temporary vs. permanent complications in 650 patients with endoscopic forehead lift procedure (EFL).


This is a retrospective study on all of the consecutive patients with EFL. patients with previous trauma and surgery and less than 2 years follow up were excluded. Short- (6 months), and long-term (≥2 years) patient satisfaction (visual analogue score, VAS, 0-100) were recorded. Patients’ perspective on temporary vs. permanent complications were also documented.


Mean age and follow up were 46.4 and 7.1 (2-13) years, respectively. Long-term satisfaction (79.9) was significantly lower than the short-term (96.6). The long-term satisfaction decreased in 95.7%, increased in 2.7%, and remained the same in 1.6% of the patients. Intraoperative skin laceration occurred in 3 patients (0.5%). Mean time of forehead numbness recovery was 2.3 months. Temporary complications were itching (13.7%), headache (6.3%), unilateral facial nerve palsy (5.8%), acne (3.2%), and remained staples (1.7%). Permanent complications included undercorrection (7.1%), alopecia (4.2%), forehead irregularities (2.3%), surprised look (2.2%), incision site complications (2%), and glabellar depression (0.9%). Reoperation (1.2%) was performed for undercorrection and alopecia. While short-term satisfaction was significantly lower in patients with temporary facial nerve paresis, long-term satisfaction was lower in patients with undercorrection and reoperation.


A high satisfaction scores of 96.6 and 80 were observed in the short- and long-term follow up after the EFL. Frequency of temporary and permanent postoperative complications were 30.3%, and 15.8%. Reoperation rate was 1.2%.

Additional Authors

First nameLast nameBase Hospital / Institution
ParyaAbdolalizadehIran University of Medical Sciences
SainaMansourIran University of Medical Sciences
ParisaHamamiIran University of Medical Sciences
NasserKarimiIran University of Medical Sciences
BehzadKhademiIran University of Medical Sciences

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