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Comparison of outcomes of single approach surgeries (Wies and Jones procedure) and combined surgery (Lateral Tarsal Strip with Quickert sutures) based on preoperative horizontal lid laxity in involutional lower lid entropion

Author: Aashish Pant
ePoster Number: 223


To compare the surgical success rates of single approach surgeries (Wies Procedure (WP) and Jones Procedure (JP)), and combined approach surgery (Lateral Tarsal Strip with Quickert Sutures (LTS+QS)) in cases of Involutional Lower Lid Entropion (ILLE) with and without significant Horizontal Lid Laxity (HLL).


This was a hospital-based prospective comparative study including ILLE patients who underwent one of the WP, JP, or LTS+QS surgeries by a single surgeon between July 2017 to June 2019 and followed up for at least 1.5 years. HLL was categorized as significant if more than 6mm and not significant if less than or equal to 6mm. Ethical approval was obtained from MEH Ethical Review Board.


A total of 172 eyelids of 153 patients (Female 82, Male 71, F: M=1.15:1) were included in the study. The mean age of the patients was 68.95+10.07 (36-97) years. Overall, the mean HLL measured by passive distraction test was 7.104+2.3 (3-14)mm. HLL was significant in 99 eyelids whereas not significant in 73 cases. The success rates of the surgeries at 18 months were 88.6% (70/79) in WP, 90% (36/40) in JP, and 88.67% (47/53) in LTS+QS. Interestingly, the highest success rate of surgery (96.7%) was found in the combined surgery group (LTS+QS) with significant preoperative HLL in contrast to the poorest outcome (78.3%) when HLL was not significant in the same group. Single procedures had lower success rates in cases with significant HLL (87.2% vs 90.6% in WP and 86.4% vs 94.4% in JP).


The success rate of a surgical procedure may be associated with preoperative HLL. LTS+QS had the best success rate when HLL was significant whereas the same procedure had the lowest success rate when HLL was not significant. Single procedures (WP and JP) had better outcomes when HLL was not significant.

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