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Prevalence of Malignant Eyelid Tumors – A retrospective study from the Swedish Cancer Registry 1993-2019

Author: Alexander Berg Rendahl
ePoster Number: 133


The aim of this study was to investigaste the prevalence of malignant eyelid tumors in the Swedish Cancer Registry to which clinicians and pathologists are obliged to report. Basal cell carcinoma is reported to a separate registry.


The period 1993-2019 was studied for malignant melanoma/lentigo maligna and carcinomas separately. There is no study in Sweden elucidating these events in the eyelid region today and thus it still remains to be elucidated if there is an increase in incidence and what the distribution looks like between different age groups.


Our study shows that during the period of 1993-2019 a number of 214 cases of malignant melanoma and lentigo maligna were reported of which 98 males and 116 females were diagnosed in a population raging between 8.6-10.3 million people. Of these, there were a few sporadic events in the lower age intervals 10-19 and 20-29 years of age. We could not observe any clear increase in the number of patients diagnosed with malignt melanoma, but for lentigo malignant there was a slight increase. For the squamous cell carcinomas there were a total of 2067 cases. However, there were just a single case in the age group 10-49 years of age. Also here there was a female predominance 1130 females compared to 937 males. Over the period we observed a clear increase in the number of cases of squamous cell carcinoma and in situ. The other carcinomas were to rare to draw any conclusions. For Basal Cell Carcinomas, the period of 2004-2019 was studied. A total of 15472 cases were recorded of which the absolute majority were >50 years old. There was a clear increase in incidence over time from about 7.3/100 000 2004 to 11.1 2019. Also here, there was a female predominance with a total of 9691 cases compared to 5771 males.


From this study we conclude that the number of cases of squamous and basal cell carcinoma is increasing, but very rare among younger individuals. However, we were not able to observe any increase for malignant melanoma although it is known that this tumor is the most rapidly increasing tumor of all kind in Sweden and that younger people suffer.

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EvaDafgård KoppSt. Eriks Eye Hospital and Karolinska Institutet

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