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Time: Sep 17, 2021 16:00 Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, 15:00 London

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Evaluation of A Standardized Technique Assessing the Upper Eyelid Area and Volume

Author: Yongwei Guo
ePoster Number: 238


Areal and volumetric measurements are essential for diagnosing periorbital pathology and evaluating perioperative alterations of periorbital surgeries. Three-dimensional (3D) stereophotography is an increasingly popular tool for depicting maxillofacial morphology. However, few studies have evaluated its application in the periorbital areal and volumetric description. Hence, we aim to propose a novel standardized technique for areal and volumetric measurement and evaluate its reliability.


Fifty healthy Caucasian volunteers were enrolled for a 3D imaging. A series of periorbital landmarks were placed in each 3D image for defining the standardized region of upper eyelid. Area and volume of this region were measured by this 3D system. Each 3D image was measured twice by the same rater. Differences between these measurements were calculated, and the intrarater reliability was evaluated for intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs), mean absolute differences (MADs), technical errors of measurements (TEMs), relative errors of measurements (REMs), and relative TEM (rTEM).


The results showed excellent ICCs for the area and moderate for volume. MAD values for all objects were less than 0.3 mm2, all TEM were less than 1 mm2, the REM and rTEM were less than 2% for all objects, showing high reliability.


This novel approach is highly reliable for areal measurement using 3D stereophotogrammetry, but less reliable for volumetric measurement. In the future, a more precise volumetric technique should be developed for clinical application in the periocular region.

Additional Authors

First nameLast nameBase Hospital / Institution
AlexanderRokohlUniversity Hospital Cologne, University of Cologne
LudwigHeindlUniversity Hospital Cologne, University of Cologne

Abstract ID: 21-133