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Prostaglandin analogue associated periorbital fat atrophy

Author: Elizabeth HAWKES
ePoster Number: 250


To demonstrate and highlight periorbital fat atrophy following topical prostaglandin analogue (PGA) use. They are a first line treatment for glaucoma and have been commissioned for cosmetic use in eyelash hypotrichosis since 2008.


We review the literature of PGA associated lipodystrophy and report a case following unilateral topical use. Photographs spanning a 10 year period illustrate periorbital fat atrophy and hollowing.


A 75 year old female with glaucoma presented with facial asymmetry and unilateral progressive lipodystrophy. Her glaucoma was managed with a unilateral PGA, with the fellow eye having had a successful trabeculectomy and not requiring drops. CT-imaging determined the cause of her facial asymmetry to be PGA use.


This case illustrates an important side effect of topical PGA use. Clinicians should be aware of this potential cause of acquired enophthalmos when considering its differential diagnosis.
Patients should be counselled appropriately in advance of their use, particularly those using it for cosmetic enhancement.

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