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Pap that Papilloma – Introducing a Novel Smartphone Photography Service within the Oculoplastics Clinic

Author: Caroline Kilduff
ePoster Number: 255


• To introduce a routine smartphone photography service within outpatient clinics
• To evaluate the impact on patient experience
• To evaluate adequacy of smartphone photographs for clinical decision-making


A smartphone photography service was introduced and iterated via regular MDT meetings. Photographs were taken within IG-approved Pando app. Healthcare Assistants were trained to take photographs of lesions using the Quikvue smartphone magnification attachment. Doctors took all other photographs with the smartphone mounted to the slit-lamp. Images were exported to an affiliated clinic account and were uploaded to the patient record twice weekly.

16 patients underwent both smartphone and formal photography. Time and motion studies were performed. The two sets of images were reviewed by two independent consultants, the quality was graded, and management plans were established and compared. A further 25 patients provided feedback.


88% of smartphone photographs were considered suitable for clinical monitoring. Management plans were consistent in 91% of cases. Smartphone photography was improved in response to these results.
100% patients felt photographs were comfortable and important in both documenting and monitoring lesions. Only 5% preferred attending medical imaging department.
On average, smartphone photographs took 1 minute 21, compared to 43 minutes attending medical imaging. Additionally, reducing contact with 2 further staff, 2 further hospital rooms and 2 floors.


Photographs are gold standard for documentation because they capture detail most accurately representing the examination. Traditionally, photography occurs in medical imaging. Limited appointments mean often clinicians rely on illustrations to document compare clinical progress; a source of medical error and lacking key detail. Attending formal imaging interrupts clinic flow and creates delays detrimentally effecting patient experience.
This service provides a reproducible, scalable, and adaptable solution to improve documentation, monitoring and patient experience.

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