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An update on Idiopathic Canalicular Inflammatory Disease

Author: Nandini Bothra
ePoster Number: 130


To propose a modified treatment protocol for patients with diagnosed idiopathic canalicular inflammatory disease (ICID).


A prospective interventional study involving 88 canaliculi of 44 eyes of 22 patients who were diagnosed with ICID over a period of 2 years. All patients were initially treated with a combination of rapidly tapering topical steroids and topical cyclosporine eyedrops followed by punctal dilatation and mini-monoka stents when needed once the inflammation was under control. Stent extubation was done at 6 weeks and topical cyclosporine was continued for further 3 months. Patient demographics, staging of the disease, response to treatment, anatomical and functional outcomes were analyzed.


88 canaliculi with ICID were diagnosed during the study period. There was female preponderance (77%) and mean age at presentation was 51 years. All patients presented with bilateral epiphora. Staging revealed 18,27,24,19 canaliculi was involved with stages 1-4 respectively. Cyclopsorine was used for a mean of 5.7 months. All patients except 3 underwent monoka dilatation. Complete anatomical and functional resolution was noted in 62% cases of which 13.6% (stage 1) showed resolution with topical cyclosporine alone. Disease progression to stage 5 was noted in 30% cases. Younger patients (<30 years, 13.6%, 3/22) demonstrated poorer outcomes.


The addition of topical cyclosporine is beneficial in controlling inflammation and disease downstaging in patients with ICID. The current modified treatment protocol salvages majority of the canaliculi.

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MohammadJaved AliLV Prasad Eye Institute

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