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Algorithm for Intraoperative Margin Control Techniques in the Management of Periocular Bowen’s Disease

Author: Yi Yang
ePoster Number: 276


To discuss the choice of margin control techniques for periocular Bowen’s disease, including the ‘Calamari Ring’ method of intraoperative margin control.


A retrospective study was conducted on patients records of a single surgeon from 1996 to 2020. Cases of periocular Bowen’s disease were identified, with methods of margin control including the ‘Calamari Ring’ method, Mohs micrographic surgery, ‘en face’ frozen section, and overnight paraffin. Main outcome measured the rate of recurrence of periocular Bowen’s disease.


A total of 91 cases of Bowen’s disease were included in this study. The lesions were found more often on the right side (54%), at the central lower lid region (48%), with a mean diameter of 9.99mm (range 2.5-50). 74 cases (81%) were primary lesions, and the remainder recurrent or residual. The margin control techniques included ‘Calamari ring’ (46%), Mohs micrographic surgery (29%), ‘en face’ frozen section (5%), overnight paraffin (4%), and no intraoperative margin control (15%). The median follow up was 18 months (range 0-200). There was recorded recurrence in 3 cases (3%) overall. In the subset of cases managed with the ‘Calamari ring’ method, there was 1 case of recurrence out of 42 total cases (2%).


The method of choice for margin control needs to be considered based on the location, size and characteristics of the lesion. The ‘Calamari Ring’ method of managing periocular Bowen’s disease demonstrated low recurrence rates comparable to Mohs micrographic surgery and ‘en face’ frozen section.

Additional Authors

First nameLast nameBase Hospital / Institution
DnyaneshwarAthavaleBristol Eye Hospital, Bristol, UK
AndrewGalHistopath Pathology, Sydney, Australia
BrettO’DonnellRoyal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia

Abstract ID: 21-183