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Hypertension related blood splash in external dacryocystorhinostomy under sedation and local anesthesia

Author: Sertaç Argun Kıvanç
ePoster Number: 291


Our aim was to evaluate the blood or fluid splash onto protective eyewear during external dacryocystorhinostomy in terms of safety of surgeon and surgical team. Blood splashes on the protective eyewear during external dacryocystorhinostomy may be associated with sytemic status of the patient.


Fifty-nine eyes of 53 patients ( mean age:52.5 ± 17.9) who underwent external dacryocstorhinostomy under local anesthesia and sedation between July 2017 and March 2019 were included in this retrospective study. The mean systolic and diastolic blood pressures, pulse and blood or fluid splash on the protective eyewear were recorded.


Blood or fluid splash was noted as droplets on eyewear after surgery of 25 ( 42 %) patients , only blood splash in 21 patients. The mean systolic blood pressure was significantly higher in patients with blood droplets on the eyewear ( p=0.048). There was no association between fluid splash and mean systolic blood pressure. Those who have cardiac or pulmonary problems had significantly higher rate of blood splattered eyewears than those who had no systemic diseases (p=0.04)


The surgeon and surgical team should be aware of the blood and fluid splash during the external dacryocystorhinostomy especially in older patients under sedation with higher systolic blood pressures and sytemic diseases.

Additional Authors

First nameLast nameBase Hospital / Institution
BernaAkovaBursa Uludag University Department of Ophthalmology
ZeynepGüllülüBursa Uludag University Department of Ophthalmology

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