EBO-ESOPRS Subspecialty Exam – Entry requirements

Entry requirements for candidates to sit the exam

  1. Candidates must submit evidence that they have passed the Basic EBO exam or equivalent (eg FRCOphth)

Equivalence will be determined by the Examination Board.  Any candidate submitting a qualification other than the EBO diploma should provide this documentation a minimum of 3 months before the application closing date.


  1. Candidates must have successfully completed a minimum of 12 months full-time subspecialty fellowship at an institution that fulfils the criteria in oculoplastics, lacrimal and orbital training and exposure to cosmetic/aesthetic surgery. Any part-time experience will be considered on a pro rata

The candidate will need to submit validating documents as follows:

    1. a letter of recommendation from the Trainers responsible for the advanced subspecialty training, or Head of Department, guaranteeing that (i) the candidate is eligible for this exam, that (ii) all requirements are fulfilled, and that (iii) the candidate has had appropriate supervision during advanced subspecialty training.
    2. a letter from the Programme Director or administrator confirming the dates of training.


  1. Candidates must have fulfilled all the requirements of the curriculum and completed a surgical log-book
    1. copy of the candidate’s surgical log-book must be validated by their Fellowship Director or person of equivalent standing who satisfies the criteria, and submitted with the application to sit the exam.
    2. for each procedure performed by the candidate (ie first surgeon) the record must include procedure performed (in English), date of procedure and age of patient. All other identifiable patient data must be excluded.
    3. for audit purposes, the examination board reserves the right to inspect a copy of the original record of any listed surgical procedure, with the patient’s name and address removed.


  1. Candidates should be a certified Specialist in Ophthalmology in a member country of the UEMS. To confirm your country is a member of UEMS, please click here.


  1. Candidates must submit the above to the EBO, together with a scanned passport ID and proof of the registration fee payment, and a completed application form the EBO website (ebo-online.org)