EBO-ESOPRS Subspecialty Exam – Exam format

Language:    English

Candidates are advised to present to the examination room a minimum of 15 min before the start of the exam, with their passport, identity card, or photo card driver’s licence as ID.  Latecomers will not be permitted to sit the exam.

No bags or electronic equipment/phones will be allowed in the exam room.


Part 1: Multiple Choice Paper (sat in the morning)

There will be one MCQ paper of 2½ hours with 65 questions, which will range across oculoplastics, lacrimal, orbital and aesthetic conditions and management.  Question stems may include clinical pictures or investigations such as CT/MRI scans or pathology reports.

There will be a stem statement or question with 5 independent responses, any or all of which may be correct or incorrect.  Answers are either true (T) or false (F).  Answers are marked +1 when correct and – ½ when incorrect, double marked or left blank.

Answer sheets are scanned, computer marked, and analysed in the same manner as the other EBO subspecialty exams.


Part 2: Oral Exam (sat in the afternoon)

This is to assess higher order reflection, problem solving, and professional attitude.

The candidate is expected to have the requisite level of knowledge and experience to be able to practice independently.

Examiners will have tablets displaying clinical features, imaging, pathology reports, surgical dilemmas, etc, for discussion with the candidate.

There will be 4 stations with 2 examiners each (15 min per station).

A: Oculoplastic           B: Lacrimal      C: Orbital         D: Aesthetic


Post exam meeting

The MCQ and the Oral exam carry the same weight, that is, 50% each.

A pass in both parts is required to pass the exam.

Unsuccessful candidates have the right to appeal to the examination board if they believe they have not been judged fairly.  The board must receive such appeals in writing within 3 months of the date of the examination, and will respond in writing within 3 months of receipt of the appeal.


The decision of the Examination Board in relation to all academic aspects of the examination shall be final.