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Jun 26 2020
  • Cape Town, South Africa

ESOPRS Symposium on Eyelid Reconstruction
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ESOPRS Symposium at World Ophthalmology Congress, WOC2020
Cape Town, South Africa

Reconstruction of eyelids following trauma or resection of malignancies requires detailed knowledge on the periorbital anatomy, the eye and the available surgical techniques. In this symposium, European experts in oculoplastics will give you an overview of preferred techniques for small to large lower and upper eyelid defects. We will discuss the indications and will present technical pearls that may be useful in your practice. The symposium is interactive and includes video-teaching.

Reconstruction of small to intermediate eyelid defects

Dion Paridaens

Reconstruction of large lower eyelid defects

David Verity

Reconstruction of large upper eyelid defects

Francesco Quaranta Leoni




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