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Upcoming Events

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Jun 07 2018
  • Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam Orbital Congress 2018

For this  anniversary we offer a course in orbital surgery, between 7-9 June 2018. Through didactic sessions and hands-on cadaver dissections, this course will cover the anatomy of the orbit and orbital surgery techniques while learning to avoid well-known pitfalls.

In intermezzo sessions we will discuss controversial issues in the field of orbital surgery.

This comprehensive course is suitable for both beginners and more experienced surgeons in orbital surgery.

Course Highlights
The highlights of this meeting include a course in Graves orbitopathy, orbital trauma, orbital tumors and new approaches to treat  these conditions.

Cadaveric Dissection
One day is reserved for hands-on cadaver dissection using fresh, frozen human cadavers. There will be demonstrations of the different approaches to the orbit, orbital decompression surgery and the treatment of orbital fractures. In the afternoon, participants are offered the opportunity to acquire experience in eyelid surgery and the use of fillers and botulin toxin in the peri-orbital area.

We are looking forward to welcoming you for the meeting.

With best wishes,

Peerooz Saeed


Jun 13 2018
  • Dublin, Ireland

BOPSS 2018 Annual Meeting

Venue: The Printworks, Dublin Castle.

June 13th – Update day / Recent advances day.

June 14th – 15th – Annual meeting.

June 13th – Welcome reception in Dublin City Hall

June 14th – Gala dinner at the Guinness Storehouse.

The organising committee are delighted to welcome you to Dublin for BOPSS 2018 annual scientific meeting. The meeting will be held from 13th – 15th June in “The Printworks” conference centre at Dublin Castle, situated very close to the city centre.

We are also delighted to welcome our two invited keynote speakers:

  • Tim Sullivan, Brisbane, Australia.
  • Peter Dolman, Vancouver, Canada.

We hope you can join us for what we expect will be a very educational and sociable few days.

Fáilte go hÉireann,

Jul 20 2018
  • UCLA Stein Eye Institute, UCLA Campus

Aesthetic Eyelid and Facial Rejuvenation Course 2018

Aesthetic Eyelid and Facial Rejuvenation Course 2018
Friday–Saturday • July 20–21, 2018
UCLA Stein Eye Institute – UCLA Campus

Please see attached PDF document for full info.

FRIDAY, July 20, 2018
UCLA Stein Eye Institute, 53-129 CHS, Dissection Laboratory – 7:00 am – 4:30 pm
The dissection workshop focuses on anatomic and surgical pearls of core aesthetic surgical procedures such as upper and lower blepharoplasty, Asian blepharoplasty, forehead lift, mid face lift, and canthoplasty options. The various procedures will be reviewed in step-by-step fashion, utilizing a detailed dissection manual, bullet point surgical videos, and prosections by faculty experts. A limited enrollment will promote close interaction between participants and faculty so that each participant can perform the procedures on cadavers, with faculty guidance.

Due to popular demand, we have once again added a live audio visual feed of the aesthetics dissection course. We have tried this once before and received rave reviews. The course directors, faculty, and guest faculty are “miked up” and seen in high definition performing the dissections from our Friday dissection course in our audio visual suite. The live audio visual suite also receives all the live lectures given in the laboratory. A faculty monitor will be present at all times in the audio visual suite to relate your questions to the “miked up” faculty. Then the same faculty will also come to the audio visual suite to lead further discussion. Both the faculty and the attendees loved this new educational experience.

SATURDAY, July 21, 2018
UCLA Stein Eye Institute, RPB Auditorium – 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
The second day of the course will be didactic, covering the nuances of technique that are critical for achieving the elegant results demanded by today’s sophisticated patients. This course brings together innovative experts in aesthetic oculoplastic surgery to share their experiences, techniques, and pearls.

A range of talks will be given covering aesthetic blepharoplasty, endoscopic forehead surgery, face lift surgery, and nonincisional techniques. Course participants unable to attend the first day of the course are welcome for the second day.

Aesthetic Eyelid and Facial Rejuvenation Course
Course Description
This course is a tightly focused survey of surgical and non-surgical options for periorbital and facial rejuvenation. The multidisciplinary faculty, renown experts in their fields, focus on practical techniques and conceptual pearls designed to send participants home with tools that they can immediately apply to their own practice.

At the conclusion of this program participants will be able to:
• Recognize and be familiar with the palate of options, evaluation, and decision making for non-surgical aesthetic facial rejuvenation.
• Practice safe techniques of aesthetic upper eyelid surgery and aesthetic lower eyelid surgery.
• Identify the principles of midface rejuvenation with a review of the anatomy and physiology as it relates to safe procedures.
• Assess the relevant anatomy and potential anatomic danger areas related to surgical rejuvenation of the orbit, face and neck.
• Avoid surgical complications or provide appropriate management of complications.
• Refer to practical course material and feel comfortable incorporating new techniques safely and conservatively into their own practice.

Please see attached PDF document for full info.


Nov 26 2018
  • Dublin, Ireland.

27th European Ophthalmology Congress

27th European Ophthalmology Congress,
Nov 26-28, 2018,
Dublin, Ireland.

European Ophthalmology 2018 is a global platform to discuss and learn about Ophthalmological Associated Diseases and their Treatment. Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye. An ophthalmologist is a specialist in medical and surgical eye problems. Since ophthalmologists perform operations on eyes, they are both surgical and medical specialists. A multitude of diseases, vision defects and conditions can be diagnosed from the eye namely cataract, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and conjunctivitis. This annual gathering of Ophthalmologists and Optometrists at London aims to provide an insight about the latest advancement and treatment modalities in the field of ophthalmology and other associated prospects.

Conference Highlights:

Retina & its Disorders
Cornea Disorders and Treatments
Ophthalmology Surgery
Ocular Microbiology
Ocular Oncology
Ophthalmic Disorders
Pediatric Ophthalmology
Neuro Ophthalmology
Advanced Ophthalmological Care
Optometry and Vision Science
Ophthalmic Drug Delivery
Ophthalmology Practice
Entrepreneurs Investment Meet
Annual Ophthalmologists Meet
Cataract: Vision Problem
Latest Eye Research

Email: ophthalmologycongress@ophthalmologyconferences.org