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ESOPRS and SASOPS partner societies

The Executive Council of ESOPRS is happy to announce the future collaboration of ESOPRS with theSouth African Society of Oculoplastic Surgeons (SASOPS) as partner societies.

SASOPS was formed in 2004 and held its first standalone annual meeting in 2007. Members of SASOPS are ophthalmic surgeons who have a keen interest in and perform oculoplastic surgeries. Fellowship training is not a mandatory requirement to become a member. Some of our members have overseas oculoplastic fellowship training though. We recently endorsed the first Fellowship in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery, in conjunction with the University of Cape Town. This fellowship commenced in May 2020. Membership is also open to residents. Our society has 60 members at present.

Our annual meeting is open to all ophthalmic surgeons (local and international) who have a keen interest in oculoplastic surgery. We have hosted eminent speakers from all over the world over the years, notably Bill Nunery, Richard Colin, Jeff Nerad, Tony Tyers, Geoff Rose, Christine Nelson, David Verity, Dinesh Selva, Daniel Briscoe, to name a few.

Our society was recognized as a partner society of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS) as well as the International Council of Ophthalmology in 2019.

We believe that these partnerships with established societies will lead to long term academic collaborations and assist us in advocating for our patients as well as for our sub-specialty.

Dr Mpopi Lenake
President – SASOPS

ESOPRS looks forward to a fruitful exchange of scientific knowledge between the two societies.

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