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ESOPRS Annual Meeting update

Updated: 25/3/2020

Dear ESOPRS Members,

The Executive Officers of ESOPRS and Local Organizers of the 2020 Annual Meeting in Naples would like to inform you about recent developments.
First of all and most important of all, we sincerely hope you and your family members are all doing well. You probably read the COVID-notice that we circulated very recently with information on the pandemic that has changed our lives in Europe in only several weeks.

In the last three weeks, we have had to make a decision regarding to cancel or proceed with our Annual Meeting in 2020, scheduled for 9-11 September in Naples. The likelihood that the pandemic will last many months, the safety of our delegates, the foreseeable backlash from travel restrictions and the expected low numbers of attendees have made the Executives and local organizers decide that it would be best to cancel our 2020 Annual Meeting.

The Meeting in Naples will now be scheduled for 16-18 September, 2021. The local organizers and PCO in Naples have been able to negotiate zero costs for this year’s cancellation. In addition, the local organizers and PCO in Rotterdam have been able to postpone the reservations made for that period to the new date: 14-16 September 2023, without any charge.

The Annual Meeting in Nice (15-17 September 2022), which will be a joint Meeting with SOPREF, remains at the previously scheduled dates.
The local organizers of the Annual Meetings in Prague, Caiscais and St Petersburg have agreed to the plan of postponing each of these Meetings by one year.

In summary, the Annual Meetings’ schedule will be as followed:
2020: No Annual Meeting
2021: Naples, 16-18 September
2022: Nice, 15-17 September
2023: Rotterdam, 14-16 September
2024: Prague, TBA
2025: Caiscais, TBA
2026: St Petersburg, TBA

The Council of ESOPRS will think about online-alternatives for the period of time we shall not be able to offer any training.
Please let us hear your comments and ideas,
Be safe,

Yours sincerely
On behalf of
Francesco Quaranta Leoni, President
David Verity, Treasurer
Diego Strianese and Adriana Iuliano, local organizers Naples.

Dion Paridaens

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