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ESOPRS/ASOPRS symposium on ’Nuances in Periocular Reconstruction’ (5th Feb 2022)

On the 5th of February the digital ESOPRS/ASOPRS symposium on ’Nuances in Periocular Reconstruction’ was held. The two hour interactive Meeting was well attended by more than 400 attendees from the US, Europa and other parts of the world. Regretfully, due to technical reasons not all who had wanted to register for the Meeting were able to. The recorded symposium is available here for ESOPRS members.

The organizers were Dr Richard Allen, Dr Eva Dafgard Kopp, Dr Francesco Quaranta Leoni, Dr Elin Bohman, Dr Pari Shams and Dr Cat Burkat. There were excellent contributions by several invited speakers, panelists and moderators from both sister societies on topics relating to upper & lower eyelid reconstruction and large canthal defects. The case presentations were educational and illustrative of the various techniques for eyelid reconstruction. Interesting questions from the audience were answered and discussed.

Although some priorities and principles apply to eyelid reconstruction, it appeared that broad variety exists with regard to e.g. the role of ‘laissez faire’ and the role of large flaps. There remains a highly inter-individual variety for the choice of surgical techniques in the management of patients with eyelid defects. This may depend on the past training of surgeons, new insights on how to protect to cornea and ocular function, and newly available techniques that aim to restore not only function but also minimize cosmetic deformity. An optimal cosmetic outcome is especially important for the younger patients, who also prefer a fast recovery.

We thank all who contributed to and attended this interesting ESOPRS/ASOPRS webinar, which will likely have a sequel in the future.

Dion Paridaens,

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