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New ESOPRS members 2015

We congratulate our new ESOPRS members, who were accepted at the 2015 ESOPRS Annual Meeting in Brussels. There are nine Full Members, five International Members, seven Candidate Members and six Associate Members.


Dr. Eva Ayala, Barcelona, Spain
Dr. Hans Olav Ueland, Bergen, Norway
Dr. Marco Sales-Sanz, Madrid, Spain
Dr. Renata Migliardi, Torino, Italy
Dr. Zafer Onaran, Kirikkale, Turkey
Dr. Meghana A. Varde, Hannover, Germany
Dr. Isabelle Larré, Reims, France
Dr Guiseppe Vadala, Ivrea, Italy
Dr Kirsten Schebitz-Walter, Munich, Germany


Dr. Albert Wu, New York, U.S.A.
Dr. Mohsen B. Kashkouli, Tehran, Iran
Dr. Sheri L. DeMartelaere, Apo, AE
Dr. Maher Assem, Cairo, Egypt
Dr. Sunny Shen Yu, Singapore, Singapore


Dr. Nicole Fichter, Olten, Switzerland
Dr. Eva Beems, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Dr. Fabricio Lopes da Fonseca, São Paulo, Brazil
Dr Stijn Genders, Leiden, the Netherlands
Dr Christine Eenhorst, Utrecht, the Netherlands
Dr Aylin Garip-Kübler, Munich, Germany
Dr Olivia Morris, Goteborg, Sweden


Dr. Ahmed Ben Said, Tunis,Tunesia
Dr. Ahmed Wanas, Cairo, Egypt
Dr. Hossam Elbarbary, Alexandria, Egypt
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Al-Salem, Amman, Jordan
Dr. Kathleen Albrecht, Eik Grove Village, Illinois, U.S.A.
Dr. Lama Jurdy/ Lebanon

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