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New ESOPRS members 2016

We congratulate our new ESOPRS members, who were accepted at the 2016 ESOPRS Annual Meeting in Athens. There are fifteen new Full Members, four International Members, and two Candidate Members.


Dr Carlo Graziani, Torino, Italy
Dr Suresh Saygili, Shrewsbury, U.K.
Dr Richard Scawn, London, U.K.
Dr Luz Gonzalez, Barcelona, Spain
Dr Gustavo Savino, Rome, Italy
Dr Elin Bohman, Stockholm, Sweden
Dr Andrea Sciscio, Rome, Italy
Dr Dyonne Hartong, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Dr Alessandra Modugno, Rome, Italy
Dr Jelena Mandic, Zagreb, Croatia
Dr Ralf Ungerechts, Darmstadt, Germany
Dr Guy Missotten, Louvain, Belgium
Dr Veva de Groot, Edegem, Belgium
Dr Deniz Ilhan, Antalya, Turkey
Dr Andrea Papp, Vienna, Austria


Dr Brent Skippen, Wagga Wagga, Australia
Dr Richard Allen, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
Dr Vivian Yin, Vancouver, Canada
Dr Steven Leibowitz, Nevada, U.S.A.


Dr Kaveh Vahdani, Plymouth, U.K.
Dr Sanja Massen, Zagreb, Croatia

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