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New ESOPRS website

Dear ESOPRS Members,

On behalf of the ESOPRS committee we would like to announce ESOPRS new website . This website has been completely redesigned and now is running – hopefully without start-up problems.
ESOPRS website does have a new appearance, but also a new content. A number of new features have been included, which we hope make this site more interesting for members and patients. These features include topics such as:

– Find Members
Members now can be searched for more easily using the country, the city or the first name and surname
– For Patients
Patients can search for ophthalmologists specialized in ophthalmic plastic and
reconstructive surgery in their region.
Information on diseases, surgical procedures and other matter of interests will be made available in the future.
– For Members
This includes a “Forum” which can be used as a platform to present and discuss clinical or scientific
issues, or personal communications, between ESOPRS members.
In the “Gallery”, pictures of general interest, i.e. of meetings etc. will be available.
The annual membership fee now can be paid directly on the website in the area “For Members”. PayPal
will be used to transfer the money safely (details to be announced).

All ESOPRS members will receive a user name and a new password.
Then please log in the “For Members” area. Using your username, please edit your profile. Please, check your details.

For all Full Members, who have paid their subscriptions up to 2011, the new membership certificate based on our new ESOPRS website design will be posted to your actual address.

With very best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful New Year 2011,
Christoph Hintschich
Secretary of ESOPRS

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