Oral Poster Specifications

Oral Poster Presentation

The Poster Presentation will take place in the form of a moderated poster walk.

Format: Portrait/ Upright Format (DIN A0)
Max. Height: 118,9 cm / 46,8 inch
Max. Width: 84,1 cm / 33,1 inch
Language: English

© Thomas Hauss
  • Material for hanging up the posters will be provided onsite at the poster area.
  • The usage of own equipment is not allowed.
  • Posters in a horizontal format will not be accepted and displayed.
  • PowerPoint Slides or any further technical equipment for presentation like laptops are not permitted.

Important Information:

The Oral Poster Sessions will replace the rapid-fire presentations this year. There will be moderate poster sessions for selected posters on Friday and Saturday mornings. During these sessions, the moderators will walk with the audience from Poster to Poster. Each Poster will be shortly presented by the author and discussed with the audience.
The presentation will be directly at your poster.

Please note that the time allocated for your presentation is a short 2-minute oral presentation in English language and additional 3 minutes for discussions. Due to the reason that there will be further presentations, we urge you not to exceed the time limit in order to give other speakers time for their talks.

No PowerPoint Slides for presentation or further technical equipment like laptops are required.