Richard Collin – Esoprs Junior Award

The E.S.O.P.R.S. awards a prize for the best research by a young scientist.

At the close of the annual meeting, the President of the Society will present the award together with a skin hook inscribed “RICHARD COLLIN AWARD – Junior Award of ESOPRS” to the winner. It is hoped that this award will inspire young scientists to increase their research and development in plastic, reconstructive, lid, orbital and lacrimal surgery. Papers to be submitted must meet the following requirement:

1. The author must be 35 years of age or younger.

2. The paper has to be submitted and read at the Annual Meeting of the E.S.O.P.R.S. Papers have to be accepted as e-Posters or as oral presentations by the Programme Committee before applying for the “Richard Collin – ESOPRS Junior Award”.

3. The paper must deal with the orbit and/or ocular adnexa. Basic research on anatomical histopathological or physiopathological problems, as well as clinical/experimental work, will be accepted. The work must have been carried out in a European department and be original and unpublished.

4. Only one person can submit a paper for the award. Collaborative papers (maximum three investigators) will be accepted only if they represent exceptional or outstanding discoveries.

5. The paper must be limited to ten pages. The deadline for submission of the paper is one month before the Annual Scientific Meeting. Before that date the paper must be sent to the local organizer of the Annual Scientific Meeting.

6. An outline on how the money of the award would be used must be submitted with the candidate’s paper and sent to the organizer at least one month before the Annual General Meeting.

7. The winner must present a short outline on how they benefitted from the award at the next meeting of E.S.O.P.R.S.

8. The Jury of five members will be selected by the Committee. The jury will consist of the President, the Secretary, the local organizer and two members of the committee nominated by alphabetical rotation. They will select the winning paper by majority vote.

9. The price of the award is 3000 € (Euro) and must be used to further the education of the winner.
Candidates, please submit your abstract and supporting documents to